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You Can Settle Probate Challenges Outside Of Court

Disagreements over probating a family member’s estate can spark smoldering tensions between relatives into a full-fledged legal conflagration. At Kufus Law, LLC, while our firm has successfully represented many clients in probate litigation cases, we believe probate disputes often can be solved outside of the courtroom. Our founding attorney, Dan Kufus, is a Rule 114 Qualified Neutral for resolving legal disputes in the state of Minnesota. If you are seeking to preserve family relationships, or simply do not relish the thought of your probate case being in court for months if not years, our attorneys can counsel you on your options for settling probate challenges out of court.

Methods For Resolving Probate Conflicts Out Of Court

If the parties to the probate dispute can agree that they want to avoid litigating the problem, they have a lot of tools at their disposal in Minnesota. Sometimes, simply hiring an experienced probate attorney to act as a third-party estate executor can reduce the chances that relatives will claim favoritism. Other possible conflict-resolution methods are:

  • Mediation, where a third party (often an attorney or other specially trained professional) works with both sides to encourage them to agree on the terms of a settlement to the dispute.
  • Arbitration, which can produce a binding or nonbinding decision, depending on the venue. An arbitrator’s job is to hear both sides of the conflict and propose a solution to the probate dilemma.
  • A hearing in front of a special magistrate, often an attorney-expert or a retired judge who has agreed to take on cases outside of the court system. This method, which is the closest to an actual court hearing, also can provide a preview of how your case may fare if you are forced to actually litigate the case.

We Help Clients Avoid Probate Mistakes

Do not let probate-related conflicts destroy family harmony. Our attorneys can help you discover solutions that do not turn family members against each other. For a free introductory case consultation, call our office in Roseville at 651-789-4621 or email us.