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Establishing Guardianships & Conservatorships

To protect an incapacitated adult or a special needs child, families can establish a guardianship of the individual and/or a conservatorship of his/her finances and estate. It is best for all parties when these documents are put in place before an emergency occurs. However, if you need help with emergency guardianships and conservatorships, we can assist you.

Kufus Law, LLC, provides representation to families or the incapacitated individual (ward) in guardianship and conservatorship proceedings. We can assist clients in all Twin Cities metro area counties with these procedures. Whether you are planning ahead or are in need of an emergency guardianship, our lawyers have the experience to help you.

Paths To Creating Legal Guardianships

There are numerous ways guardianships can be established, depending on the urgency of the situation. Adults can prevent the need for emergency guardianships by creating a thorough estate plan. Naming personal representatives for financial and health care powers of attorney will eliminate the need for emergency proceedings. We work proactively to help families with elderly parents avoid this issue and potential probate litigation.

Parents of children with special needs also need to consider planning for their children’s future. When the child turns 18, he or she will be considered an adult and the parents will need to have legal guardianship of the child to continue to provide for his or her medical care, finances and legal decisions. In addition, parents should consider setting up special needs trusts/supplemental trusts to provide for the care of their child.

Guardianships can also be used to provide legal guardians for a minor child in the event the parents pass away. Naming guardians is usually done in a will, but may need to be done on an emergency basis if the parents die intestate (without a will). Our attorneys can help you select the most efficient and legally sound path for protecting the vulnerable individual, regardless of specific circumstances.

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